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We need an expert on a remote basis
RemotEmployees IT company has a vacancy for a Junior Android Developer with B1+ English skills and knowledge of Android development to work remotely on international projects.

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    Who is an Android Developer?

    It is a specialist who creates, updates, and upgrades mobile applications and software for smartphones, tablets, e-books, game consoles, and other devices running on the Android operating system. Creating software products for gadgets is a fascinating process, as every company engaged in business today strives to develop its application, which allows more interaction with customers. That's why more and more specialists are becoming Android Developers.

    What skills a Developer should have:

    • Experience in Android application development (desirable);.
    • Experience with the Java programming language;
    • Practical skills with Kotlin, View, and ViewGroup, Android SDK, Java Core, Dagger, RxJava, REST, and Android Framework;
    • Understanding of UI/UX design principles, SQL, and SQLite;
    • Experience with Google Play (posting, updating, etc.);
    • Ability to fix errors in other people's code;
    • B1+ English proficiency;
    • In addition to the development itself, the ability and willingness to offer alternative solutions to business problems to improve the development process;
    • Show a healthy interest in new technologies, strive to develop and improve your code;
    • Responsibility, attention to detail.

    Join our RemotEmployees company right now

    The important thing for us is that you have minimum experience in web development. In the courses IT, you can get the necessary knowledge base, valuable materials, and programming skills. If you would like to work remotely, record a video interview in English about yourself and tell us about your skills and knowledge. That will be an interview for the position of Junior Android Developer in our RemotEmployees outstaffing company. We invite you to become part of our friendly team.

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