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We are looking for a remote specialist
Remote Employees company requires a Recruiter with English knowledge (at least B1 level) to find personnel to work on foreign projects.

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    Who is a Recruiter?

    The human resource manager is engaged in the search and selection of personnel and works with candidates on interview techniques before preparing for a new job. The HR manager works with candidates and with personnel, finds a balance between the interests of employees and the company.

    What are the responsibilities of the Recruiter?

    In order to work in IT recruiting, candidates do not need any special technical knowledge; it is enough to have good communication skills. An IT recruiter is an HR manager who determines what competencies, hard and soft skills of a candidate are needed to take a certain position in an IT company. A Recruiter not only interviews applicants but also creates advertisements for recruiting and must find excellent specialists for the company among dozens of resumes.

    Recruiter Job
    Required skills

    Working as a recruiter remotely assumes the person has:

    • advanced persuasion skills,
    • time management skills
    • fast switching between different activities,
    • the ability to work with a large amount of information,
    • out of the box,
    • creativity.

    Successful in this profession must be results oriented. Also, a recruiter must be client-oriented, stress-resistant and trainable.

    We offer Recruiter job

    We offer work in a new, dynamically developing IT company. You can work as a remote recruiter from home, hold online meetings with potential candidates, successfully connect smart specialists from Ukraine with foreign businesses, and then take the position of an HR manager. If you enjoy communicating with people, speak English, and are eager to work in the IT field, but do not have the special and technical knowledge, then we invite you to try yourself at the position of Recruiter.
    We are waiting for you
    If you like to communicate with people, know English and dream of working in the IT field, but you do not have special and technical knowledge, then we invite you to try your hand at the position of a recruiter.

    Record a video interview and tell us about yourself and your experience.

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