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Our company is searching for an experienced specialist
We are looking for ad operations mentor with experience optimizing advertising campaigns to conduct lessons for our employees

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    We provide such types of online courses

    • for beginners - a training course for future specialists in advertising operations from scratch;
    • training with a mentor - lessons of a highly qualified worker under the guidance of a mentor;
    • advanced course - a course aimed at working with advanced managers and improving their skills.

    See a list of the main tasks of the teacher

    The responsibilities of an ad operations mentor for our employees include teaching to determine advertising traffic and the basic principles of ads optimization. It is also necessary to help students understand the management of this field and teach employees how to conduct a promo campaign. Mentoring is also one of the main tasks, as inexperienced employees need a mentor to guide them in the right direction.

    The main areas of training managers

    • to teach the future manager of advertising operations the basic principles of work;
    • to prepare the manager to work in a small developing company;
    • to train the specialist to work in a team and be able to navigate in a large company.

    What skills do you need to teach in our company?

    In order to become part of our team and train employees in the field of ad operations, we need experienced specialists who treat their work responsibly, have a literate language, and be professional in digital advertising. A huge plus will be the experience in teaching and having an idea of ​​different teaching methods.

    See teacher vacancies in our company

    • individual teacher - training of the future specialist to work with advertising systems, as well as conducting campaigns;
    • trainer in groups - educating systems and conducting an advertising campaign, the ability to approach each student up to 15 people per lesson;
    • mentor remotely - possession of tools for online teaching, training future managers to use systems, as well as conducting LCD.
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    Tell us about yourself and your experience in the video in English and send it to us. We will contact you shortly.

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