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Open vacancy for remote work
RemoteEmployees needs a UI / UX designer with a good knowledge of English (B1 + level) to work on foreign and Ukrainian projects.

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    Who is a UX designer?

    This is a specialist who analyzes and is responsible for the functions, the correct adaptability of the product, and in general, for what feelings and emotions the site or program evoke in end users.

    To make the interface clear and responsive to users' wishes, designers conduct various research and testing to determine the best option.

    What is user experience design?

    This is a personal impression of the interface, and it depends on many factors, such as site architecture, graphic design, readability of text, and sensitivity of this interface to specific actions (click the button, go to the registration form, active contact links, etc.)

    This is direct visualization, and implementation of a prototype developed based on research by a UX designer. Work on the visual part: creating animations, illustrations, drawing buttons, menus, sliders, choosing photos, and font pairs.

    Requirements for specialists

    Lack of ambiguity in text and structure;


    Simplicity and brevity - the main criterion for convenient design and easy user understanding;


    All elements of the site, even the presence of a unique design, should be clear and not confuse the user;


    The "correct" interface acts on the user instantly, which means that the person at the entrance immediately understands how and what works;


    Any design is first of all visual aesthetics and harmony of colors, graphic and textual elements.

    Responsibilities of specialists in our company

    This specialist makes sure that the product looks harmonious in color, shape, and content location, competently organizing the elements in a single, unique style. The ultimate goal of a UI designer is to help users quickly understand how a product works while performing a minimum of action.
    If you have experience in UI/UX design and are ready to learn and improve, we are also prepared to consider your application! Create a short video resume about yourself in English and send it to our HR managers to apply for a vacancy.

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