Data Entry Specialist

Looking for a specialist to work remotely
RemotEmployees IT company needs a Data Entry specialist for remote work. Even if you have no work experience but think you can work on a PC, this vacancy is waiting for you!

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    Who is a Data Entry Specialist?

    A data entry specialist is a person who works with documents of different formats, carries out the input and verification of information, and is engaged in typing texts, as well as compiling tables. Data entry means transferring information from one source to another.

    Tasks of Data Entry Specialist:

    • Search and process information;
    • Work with Documentation;
    • Analysis of the collected information;
    His main responsibilities include
    Finding and processing information
    Work with documents of various formats
    Analysis of collected information

    What do we expect from you?

    You are a perfect match for us if:

    • If you have good speaking skills;
    • If you have fast typing speed;
    • If you are attentive to details and ready to work at the computer for 8 hours;
    • And most importantly, you are on the go and ready to progress!

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