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The RemotEmployees company is looking for a remote Screenwriter with English (B1+) knowledge to work on foreign projects.

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    Who is a Screenwriter?

    A screenwriter is a creative and responsible profession that involves performing a number of tasks, such as:
    • developing the storyline of films,
      theater productions or various event productions;
    • creating a script for shooting videos;
    • preparing press releases or advertising announcements.

    Screenwriter duties and responsibilities

    A screenwriter working remotely can earn an income by selling ready-made scripts or by creating them to order, taking into account a number of requirements. Working as a screenwriter is ideal for working remotely. You will be able to realize your creative potential, develop your intellect, and gain experience. The foundation of being a screenwriter is knowing the key basics of screenwriting.

    Required skills for a screenwriter

    • high literacy rate;
    • knowledge of the English language(В1+ level);
    • the ability to write and edit texts in English;
    • active imagination, creative thinking;
    • open-mindedness and analytical mind;
    • the ability to concentrate on one task for a long time;
    • have a special flair and the ability to analyze every movie you have seen, novel you have read, or story you have heard.

    Screenwriter job waiting for you

    If you have no experience as a Screenwriter, but you are good at writing articles and scripts, you have developed your imagination and creative thinking, and you are fluent in English, then we are ready to consider your candidacy for this position.
    Just record a video resume about yourself and send it to us. We consider candidates even without work experience. Do not miss your chance to start working remotely as a Screenwriter.

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