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We are looking for a specialist to work remotely
Do you like to communicate with people and work remotely? Then the job of HR Manager remotely is especially for you. English skills at the B1 level or higher are mandatory. Interesting positions in IT will introduce you to all the specialties of the online world. There are a variety of positions in the department, such as Recruiter, and HR Manager.

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    Recruiter position

    In addition to the vacancy of a HR manager, we also provide a vacancy recruiter. They have some differences. As arecruiter , you will be responsible for looking for CVs of suitable candidates according to their English language knowledge, professional skills, and previous work experience. You will have to contact a large number of applicants on a daily basis to find out if they are interested in the job offers.

    Main responsibilities of recruiter:

    • create job postings and post them on various portals;
    • search for job candidates;
    • resume preview;
    • correspondence with potential candidates;
    • interviewing

    HR Manager

    As an HR Manager, you will have to communicate with the company’s employees, delving into their abilities and future plans. You will need to write comments to employees and acquaint them with the structure of the company and its rules.

    Responsibilities HR specialist:

    • communication with company employees;
    • New employee onboarding;
    • Keeping records of company employees.

    HR manager
    Working conditions

    We provide HR manager vacancies for recruitment managers.

    You can get the position of HR manager remotely with a convenient schedule.

    • Day shifts: 09.00 - 18.00.
    • Evening shifts: 15.00 - 00.00.

    In addition, with us you will get a unique experience of working with foreign clients, training and career growth, as well as a stable salary 2 times a month.

    HR Manager job

    If you're just starting out as an HR but are focused on professional development, we're ready to work with you. The main thing in the vacancy of a HR manager is a good knowledge of English and communication skills.

    HR Job

    Ready to be part of our team? Record your video resume in English and send it to us. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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