PHP Developer (laravel)

The vacancy for this position is open
RemotEmployees require a remote PHP Developer (laravel) with English B1+ for working with international projects.

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    Who is a developer?

    To become a developer, you should comply with the following requirements: special education, analytical mind and mathematical abilities. A developer is someone who sees the whole picture, creates it, finds solutions and works to improve the work of the whole system. IT developers are involved with software or website development. Thanks to the work of developers one can access this site and read this text. The developer implements the project completely from scratch, beginning with an idea, design and ending with the implementation. The developer must have knowledge of several programming languages to create the programs and write the codes which make the entire system work.
    The PHP developer (laravel), in this case, has a more specialized direction. Here it’s important to know the differences between Laravel species, development experience, and PHP knowledge.

    What the Developer of PHP (laravel) should know and do:

    • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS;
    • Clear, clean, easy for future support – code;
    • PHP;
    • Laravel;
    • JavaScript;
    • JQuery;
    • MySQL;
    • Git;
    • English (B1-C1).

    The main responsibilities of the PHP Developer (laravel) include:

    • Designing service architecture and working with code architecture;
    • Sitecore creation;
    • Platform development and core function;
    • Development of applications that support user interface and security;
    • Development of integration with other systems;
    • Web Writing using Laravel;
    • Database design;
    • Modification of existing projects;
    • Code optimization
    Advantages of working with us:
    • All of our employees work remotely
    • Full-time, with possible flexibility
    • Fixed fee reviewed every six months
    • On-the-job training
    • Experience with foreign customers

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