How to record a video CV

We will tell you how to record your so-called video interview for our company step-by-step. It will be an “entrance exam” for you to pass!

A recorded interview saves time for both of us. Instead of attending interviews several times a week and changing all your plans, the only thing you have to do is to record a video and sleep well.

This is a perfect solution for those confused during the interview with the HR manager or bosses and may forget English and their native language. You should prepare, have enough practice in advance and share everything you plan.

Video interviewing is an innovation that has long been practiced in many Western countries and usually replaces interviews in the office.

The video should be recorded in a calm, familiar environment, without extra noise and annoying factors. The job application video must be in English and up to 3 minutes long!


First, decide on the device used for shooting. This can be a mobile phone, laptop, or video camera. The main thing is to achieve the best possible image quality.

So, fix the selected recording device in a stable position, and recheck the shot. To do this, you may take a few photos. Set the exposure and focus so that everything looks as attractive as possible. The video must be shot horizontally, without music and visual effects in the background.

When choosing the environment, take into consideration the lighting and background factors. The ideal option is to record video in bright daylight or with good indoor lighting. Daylight is the most suitable, as it is natural and neutral, and the background will be invisible with this method.

It is better to use a headset for a “cleaner” sound. To begin with, we advise you to record a short segment of your performance, listen to it and make sure that the picture and sound quality are good.

Of course, the shooting will create the impression of a home environment. But this does not mean that your appearance will also speak about it. Think carefully about your appearance in an interview with your boss? We recommend staying the way you are and using your everyday wardrobe, hairstyle, make-up, and other style elements. Just be yourself because it will highlight your personality.

We will provide you with a list of questions. They do not need to be voiced or taken as a script. These questions are some points in your story to draw on to prevent missing some vital information. Just try to build your story in the specified logical sequence.

While shooting, don’t read from a piece of paper. Eye movement is very noticeable in the shot, which doesn’t make the best impression. We believe that the best option is to read the story you wrote and retell it several times until you are sure it’s enough for you. Keep in mind that the video CV is an excellent opportunity for you to tell us about yourself, your knowledge, skills, and work experience, so just be yourself.

Below, we provide a list of questions to help you create your incredible video CV.

1. Introduce yourself (name, age, city)
2. Tell us about your past experiences (company, position, responsibilities)
3. How do you handle difficult situations? Can you give us an example? (situation – task – action – result)
4. What type of work would you love to do and why?
5. Tell us about your hobbies
6. What is your online experience ( Did you manage social network groups or pages, did you write texts or make design for something online, how often do you use computer and what do you usually do in computer?).
7. Do you prefer to work in team or alone? Explain why.
8. Why should we choose you among the other candidates? (personal qualities)
9. Are you looking for a full-time job or part-time one?
10. What are your plans for the future?
11. What goals would you like to achieve in life?
12. What are your life principles?
13. Describe your strengths and weaknesses.
14. Are you a humanitarian or prefer to work with numbers? 
15. What do you love/hate in work? 

 It will be a great advantage if you have something to attach with the video CV. For example, if you are a designer, you can show your works and tell us about them. If desired, these files can be immediately formatted into a PowerPoint presentation.

We reasonably welcome any creativity. Video interview is your chance to get a job!

Why is a quality video essential to us?

Remember – your video will be stored on our resources for a long time, and you can only make a first impression once. Use our tips video to record a good video for long-term use.

Examples of employee video interviews

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