Finance teacher

Our company is waiting for a remote specialist!
We are looking for a finance tutor to conduct online courses at the academy and train financial literacy and budget operations.

Join us

    View online course options:

    • management - cash flow management of the organization;
    • analytics - calculations of possible risks and future profits for the company;
    • courses for beginners - teaching students without knowledge in the field of finance.

    Get acquainted with the main tasks

    Your responsibilities will include accounting and budgeting. You will forecast the movement of money, analyze the balance sheet, and teach the analysis of the organization's budget for a certain period. To compile a financial plan, you will need to collect and group statistics professionally.

    See the types of coaches we need:

    • online - a specialist to work remotely, in an online format;
    • group - a teacher for group classes of up to 15 people per lesson;
    • individually - an expert who knows how to conduct individual lessons with students.

    Learn about the skills you need for this position

    To work on the courses, you will need the following skills: financial experience and management reporting, preparing income statements, company losses, and competent training of our employees and customers. The ability to analyze economic indicators to assess the state and capabilities of the company in the future is essential. Also, the ability to keep records of counterparties is welcome too. You will draw up business intelligence for business development, which will require knowledge of management accounting.

    Know more about vacancies:

    • financial literacy specialist for teaching;
    • training mentor;
    • tutor financial courses online
    Still hesitate? It is enough to look for a job. Record a video interview and tell us about your skills and knowledge. Leave a request, and we will contact you ASAP!

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