Technical Support Specialist

The vacancy for this position is open
The RemotEmployees team is looking for a technical support specialist who can work remotely with a good knowledge of English at least level B1+.

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    Who is a Technical Support Specialist?

    This worker provides support for products already released by the company and handles requests from product users or other support engineers. An expert works in the Help Desk or service structure solving user problems with computers, hardware, software, or broken software.


    The primary responsibility is to handle a user request: clarifying user credentials, a brief description of the problem. You will also need to advise users on information technology issues, triage customer queries, make recommendations on problem-solving and provide information on the company's product. Also, the specialist should supply technical notes about the product’s functionality, analyze problems that have been identified using the product, and develop recommendations for fixing them.

    Basic requirements

    To communicate with our customers, this position requires a good command of English. Additional language skills will be an advantage. To work in our team, you must have:

    • Good speaking skills.
    • Intermediate level of English or higher.
    • PC knowledge (MS Office).
    • Ability to find information quickly to solve problems.
    • Good communication skills and the ability to communicate clearly.

    We will consider resumes of applicants with no work experience

    Our company is ready to hire a person with experience. If you speak English well and are willing to learn, we can offer you a position with our team. Our support team will help you adapt to your new role, explain how a specialist works, and provide training materials. All we need from you is the ambition to learn the job. If you are interested in this position, please send us your video resume in English. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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