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Remote Employees is looking for an architect-designer who has a good knowledge of English. We are interested in everyone who wants to get a job in the international market.

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    Who is an architect?

    The profession appeared in Italy during the Renaissance when they began to make drawings of houses and even in that period, architects began to differ from builders and artists. Although this profession is closely intertwined with everything related to the architecture of houses and not only, to this day it has improved. In 2022, there are many areas of this specialty:


    • house - creates projects for the construction and placement of houses, is responsible for the construction of the house before putting it into operation;
    • designer - makes the appearance of houses, and also corresponds to the design of the room, textiles, furniture placement, etc .;
    • project - is responsible for all documentation, writes, draws up, edits it, and also clarifies all project proposals;
    • an engineer is the chief architect who is responsible for the location, the location of the construction site, convenience and buildings, accommodation for cars, and roads to service all of this.
    • Landscape specialist- creates landscape projects for parks, gardens, suburban areas;
    • designer - is responsible for all documentation, writes, draws up, edits it, as well as clarifies all proposals for projects;
    • A software specialist or IT consultant is a person who, with the help of computer architects who solve complex businesses, automate them and thus reduce costs.
    What qualities should a specialist have?
    Ability to plan their work, have a creative nature, attentiveness, the ability to visualize projects, know all the building standards and rules
    Ability to maintain and develop the documentation, knowledge of AutoCAD, Autodesk, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, as well as be able to work with Adobe software package
    Knowledge of English, literacy, and understanding of documentation, if necessary, its compilation in another language
    There are many areas in the specialty, but the choice is yours. We offer you remote work as an architect from home in an international outstaffing company, where you can realize your creative ambitions on foreign projects.
    If you are a student or a graduate of an architect and you have little work experience, but you would like to try your hand at the position of an assistant architect, then join our team.

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