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RemotEmployees need specialists to work on foreign projects. If back-end development is your strong suit, contact us at once! English knowledge (B1+) is required.

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    Back-end developer Workflow

    In the early stages, the back-end development in our company is associated with WordPress optimization, installing and adjusting the plugins, templates, loading speed, and server operation. Knowledge of PHP and Javascript is required. In the following stages, you will be interviewed for foreign projects. Importing, parsing, or synchronizing data via API with MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres DB and other databases may be on the agenda. Skills for dealing with frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter or Yii will be an advantage.
    We are looking for talented people, interested in developing and improving their professional level in the field of back-end development. At Remote Employees, you can use your skills and learn new things in the real world.

    Back-end developer. Responsibilities:


      • Control over the state of servers (operational, test);
      • Control of versions, database, continuous integration;
      • Development of business-logic and back-end system for product support;
      • Functional APIs creation;
      • Design and development of a unified library of components for designers and developers;
      • Support and development of an infrastructure tool based on SourceJS;
      • Cross-browser and adaptive HTML5 / CSS3 layout;
      • User interface design.


      • You will create unit tests, integration tests, and persistent task automation utilities.


      • The back-end developer optimizes and expands the functionality of the existing code. He also optimizes the client experience of the portal (JS, CSS).

    What should a back-end developer know and be able to do:

    • PHP knowledge;
    • Experience of working with CMS. For example: WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc;
    • Understanding of front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Experience in API.
    • You should also be familiar with the Git version control system (and have a GitHub profile).
    Our company is ready to consider candidates without any work experience or those who have just graduated but are already well-versed in their profession.
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