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We are looking for an employee to work remotely
RemotEmployees is looking for a remote Project Manager with a high level of proficiency in English (B1+) to manage and work on international projects.

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    Who is a project manager?

    A Project manager is a starting position in an IT company, where you need to be able to listen to the team, communicate with the customer, get out of conflict situations, control the quality and implementation of the project on time and within budget.

    Project manager responsibilities:

    • project management as a whole;
    • drawing up a work plan (design and task assigned for the team);
    • team organization to work on the project;
    • interview new team members, determine priorities for their successful implementation;
    • create a working atmosphere in the team;
    • interaction with the team and the customer;
    • troubleshooting in order to complete a project on time and meet client-driven requirements.

    If you don't have experience in the IT field, but you interact with people well, know how to distribute tasks in a team, and know English at a good level, we are ready to consider your candidacy. Just record a video interview and send it to us.

    We consider candidates even without work experience, so do not miss your chance to start working in the IT field.

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