Email marketing specialist

Requires a specialist to manage mailing lists
IT company Remote Employees is looking for an Email Marketer Specialist with fluent English (B1+) for working on foreign projects.

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    Who is an Email Marketer?

    An email marketer is a specialist who provides email marketing services and creates and distributes emails to users’ addresses in order to expand their client base. The main task of an email marketer is to establish contact with potential consumers and build trusting relationships with them. Almost all Email Marketers work with other specialists such as copywriters, designers, SMM and SEO managers.

    Day-to-day responsibilities. Email marketer is responsible for:

    • Email marketing strategy development;
    • Digital audience analysis;
    • Creating and customizing email content
    • Dealing with follower base
    • Choosing the letter style and adjusting it for a specific situation, event, or news;

    Making up the text of the letter, defining the visual content.

    Email Marketing specialist. Skills needed to succeed:

    • Fluency in English;
    • Desire to grow and develop;
    • Good written and verbal communication skills;
    • Ability to work with a large volume of information;
    • Advanced PC user;
    • Experience in text writing;
    • Knowledge of Photo editors (beneficial).

    Feel free to apply for the vacancy

    Don’t worry if you do not have enough experience. At RemotEmployees you will have the opportunity to master new skills and improve them in practice. 

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