Tourism manager

A vacancy on a remote basis
RemotEmployees company needs a Tourism manager with English (B1+ level) knowledge for remote work. Even if you have no work experience but can work on a PC, this vacancy is waiting for you!

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    Who is a Tourism Manager?

    A tourism manager is an expert on organizing tourist trips and selecting tours and destinations for recreation.

    The tourism manager profession is one of the most interesting fields of activity.

    For the time being, one can work as a travel manager not only in the office but also remotely from home or while on vacation abroad. The main thing is to have a laptop and a stable Internet connection on hand.

    Responsibilities of a Tourism Manager:

    • a dynamic work, multitasking;
    • work with a great deal of information;
    • good customer service;
    • constant communication with people via phone or instant messenger;
    • interaction between a tour operator and a client;
    • quick troubleshooting during a tour booking to provide a comfortable stay for clients.

    f you have no experience in tourism, but you:

    • interact well with people;
    • know how to distribute tasks;
    • make decisions promptly and correctly;
    • know English at a good level.

    Then we will be ready to consider your candidacy.

    Just record videointerview and send it to us. We consider candidates even without work experience. Do not miss your chance to start working as a travel agent.

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