There is a vacancy for the position of a proofreader remotely
RemotEmployees is looking for a remote Proofreader with a good command of English (B1+ ) to work on international projects.

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    Who is a Proofreader?

    The profession of a proofreader is a rather responsible one. A proofreader is engaged in examining the foreign-language text carefully and checking it for mistakes. A proofreader ensures that the text doesn’t have grammatical, syntactic, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes.

    In other words, a proofreader is involved in text proofreading. It may seem that the editor is doing the same, but it is considered to be a misperception. The editor is focused on making major changes in the structure, language, and content. But the proofreader has to analyze the content, make final changes, and make a list of noticed typos, formatting issues, etc. In the modern world, proofreaders work not only in the office but also remotely from home.

    The responsibilities of proofreader:

    • Competent work with English texts;
    • Content fine-tuning;
    • Proofreading of the text in English;
    • Editorial correction;
    • Pointing out mistakes for the translator and editor.

    Holding the proofreader position, you can improve your English language skills in practice. It takes your work to the next level as you will deal with the translation of corporate, advertising, and technical documents and work with texts.

    If you have no experience as a proofreader, but your English is good, then we are ready to consider your candidacy for this position. Just record a short video about yourself and send it to us.

    We consider candidates even without work experience. Do not miss your chance to start working as a proofreader remotely. Join our close-knit team that is ready to train, share experience and knowledge. Let’s grow and develop together!

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