There is a vacancy for working remotely
The Targetologist vacancy is already waiting for you at RemotEmployees! If you are fluent in English (B1+) and ready to work from home, this job is for you!

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    Who is a Targetologist?

    A targetologist is a person engaged in setting up targeted advertising in search engines, social networks, and advertising systems. The targetologist’s task – is to customize advertising in a way that attracts the right audience. Our company is interested in talented people who want to gain new skills and improve them in practice.

    Responsibilities of the Targetologist include:

    The main responsibility of the targeting specialist is the high-quality customization of advertising for a specific target audience to attract customers.

    You will also need to develop strategies, create and control advertising campaigns.

    If you are just a beginner, we will help you with training.

    Basic requirements for the Targetologist
    Be proficient in spoken and written English. It is necessary for working with clients
    Do a high-quality analysis of the information and target audience
    Learn quickly and be ready to change. Be aware of new developments in the field
    Be an advanced user of a PC (MS Office). (Optional skill)
    Don’t hesitate to apply for this position. Just record a videointerview in English. We will consider your candidacy!

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