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RemotEmpoyees is looking for a Facebook advertising specialist to work remotely. English proficiency at level B1 or above is required.

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    What does a Facebook ads specialist do?

    Any profession related to marketing or promotion goes viral in the informational space of the XXI century. The Facebook ads specialist position is not an exception.

    Facebook ads specialist

    A Facebook ads specialist is a person who clearly understands the details of advertisement settings on Facebook. He/she should see which target audience suits a certain company and describe it in such a way to encourage the person whom the ad is targeted to perform a final action. We are looking for a person who can perform the above-mentioned tasks to promote our company and foreign clients. That is why we are ready to hire an inexperienced person with a knowledge of English not lower than B1+.
    What qualities are important for Facebook ads specialists?
    Attention to details
    Knowledge of Facebook’s new ads Manager interface
    Ability to define the target audience and their needs
    Cooperation with copywriters and content managers to design advertisement
    Analysis of advertising campaign results
    In addition, since we work with foreign clients, the tasks may vary depending on their preferences. You need to have a good computer and a stable Internet connection to always stay in touch.

    What do we expect from you?

    We need a creative Facebook ads manager, one who is not afraid to take calculated risks to take a business to higher levels. This position requires the ability to act at both strategic and tactical levels. You will be an important part of the team and attract new clients and employees. For sure, this position is not for everyone. However, if you understand the principles of how Facebook Ads Manager works, are capable of working with content and target audiences, and your English is better than intermediate, we are willing to give you the opportunity to prove yourself and develop your IT skills.

    Working conditions:

    The company, RemotEmployees, is ready to help novices with training and support. 

    • Convenient working hours are up to you.
    • We offer the following working shifts:
    • day-shift- from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • evening – from 3 p.m. to midnight
    • We guarantee you a timely and decent salary.

    Start developing yourself together with us. Choose the position of Facebook ad specialist and get the possibility to work on international projects.

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