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RemotEmployees is looking for people who are interested in working as Online Consultant. Knowledge of English at B1 level or above is required.

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    Consultant online. Who is our applicant?

    The term “online advisor'” includes a lot of different jobs. Having knowledge of this field, anyone can become a consultant or an Internet assistant remotely.

    RemotEmployees offers an Online Consultant job remotely. This job is suitable for people who are eager to learn something new and are looking for new ways to prove themselves.

    We believe that you should try yourself in different spheres to determine what you are good at.

    What skills should a website consultant have?

    You should be competent in every specific area in order to give advice and instructions. Therefore, knowledge of consulting is a key requirement for candidates in remote vacancies for online consultants. Our company specializes in the IT field and is ready to consider all applicants who feel that their knowledge could be useful. We have many vacant positions. RemotEmployees appreciate versatile workers.
    Work as a virtual assistant from home. Required skills:
    Sufficient knowledge on the subject of counseling
    Communication skills and interaction with people
    Strong organizational skills and self-discipline
    Proficiency in required tools and applications

    What does an Online Consultant do?

    In general, our ideal applicant is a non-conflicting professional in his or her field who consults clients and gets along with people. He/she communicates with clients on the site itself or through contact forms.

    We will be glad to consider your candidacy for the position of Online Consultant. Leave the contacts below, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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