There is a vacancy open with knowledge of English (B1+)
An outstaffing company RemotEmployees offers to take the position of a secretary / secretary assistant. English knowledge (B1 + level) is essential.

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    Requirements for a secretary

    First of all, you need a computer and high-speed Internet access. Also, fluent English (B1+) is an important requirement, as you will work with English-speaking clients.

    Required skills for a Secretary:

    • Advanced MS Office skills;
    • the ability to find common ground with clients;
    • Sociability;
    • Responsibility;
    • Attentiveness;
    • desire to learn and develop.

    Responsibilities of the secretary

    RemotEmployees is an outstaffing company, focusing on the European and American markets. It means that you can work both on the internal tasks of the company and be engaged in the project, and cooperate with foreign customers.
    Work with tables and databases
    Find and enter the necessary information into tables
    Communicate with clients in English
    Write reports based on the work results

    Working for a foreign customers

    If you start working on a project, the tasks may differ depending on the customer’s requirements. Don’t be afraid-we are there to help you and support you! First of all, working on a project with foreign customers is an invaluable experience that not every Ukrainian company can offer.

    Secondly, we have on-the-job training. We will give you all the necessary materials for your development. When you work on a project, our dedicated team leaders help you and support you.

    About us

    We understand that there are many hard-working and competent people without work experience. We are ready to provide such people with the opportunity to work with us, train them, and provide an opportunity for career growth.

    Our company appreciate work experience, but knowledge, skills, efforts, and a desire to develop and grow take precedence for us.

    We need a secretary / personal assistant

    If a Personal Assistant vacancy is exactly what you are looking for, then leave your contacts below, and we will contact you! Even if you have no experience, we are waiting for you!
    Secretary vacancies are waiting for you
    Record a video interview and tell us about your skills and knowledge and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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