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Remote QA Engineer position
Remote QA Engineer UX with knowledge of English (В1+) is needed to work on international projects.

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    What is a QA Engineer UX?

    A QA Engineer UX is a specialist who tests the quality of software and to which extent it meets the predetermined requirements and expected results. QA specialists develop and realize tactics to improve quality at each level of production:
    • Standards preparation and establishment
    • Quality analysis;
    • Tools choice
    • Bugs prevention and constant process improvement

    Responsibilities of QA Engineer UX

    Testing involves all the development cycle and includes:
    • Planning;
    • Projecting;
    • Creation and performance of test-cases and test-plans.
    • Quality assurance of any product of any type
    And QA engineers play the main role in it; They have a single aim which is to test and assure standards of product.
    Requirements for QA Engineer UX
    Ability to write bug reports properly
    Draw up test plans and test cases
    English level not less than B2
    Good communicative skills

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    We are looking for a QA engineer for websites and mobile applications, who can test and constitute a bug report, and working in a team he / she can improve our products and resources of our clients. Each team member knows his / her tasks and understands the ultimate aim of the project, that is why it is vital for a QA engineer to communicate with each team member.
    If you are looking for a QA engineer UX job, but you are inexperienced, we will offer you a job with our company, where you can gain practice in international projects. Are you interested? Then record video resume about yourself and your skills and send it to us. We consider inexperienced candidates, so don’t miss your chance to start working in the IT company. It is a good opportunity to develop your career in the IT industry.

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