Remote Employees require an English-speaking (B1+)
Our company is ready to teach you everything a 3D visualizer needs to know and offer to work remotely from home on a computer. Good command of English (B1+) is required.

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    Who is a visualizer?

    Visualizer - A visualizer is a person who creates objects with 3D effects on the screen using programs. The picture becomes more realistic and three-dimensional. To create such images and projects, you need to be able to work with some of the basic 3D Visualization programs (3ds Max, Corona, Adobe Photoshop, Revit, AutoCad). But the profession of a visualizer itself has many directions, namely a 3D visualizer, a designer visualizer, an architect visualizer, an interior 3D visualizer, a brand visualizer. Of course, all these areas are connected to the work with visuals and the programs in which this work is performed.
    Social networks also need visualizers to create visuals. Nowadays, visuals for Instagram are very popular. It’s the place where you can tell people about yourself through your photos. But before publishing an interesting photo of their lives, famous bloggers and famous people, almost everyone who makes money on Instagram, turns to the brand visualizers for help. He or she makes their pages more interesting, makes a strategic plan for posting photos in order to make them interesting for readers, and draws up a content plan because people like a good and fascinating page.
    Adobe Photoshop
    3ds Max

    What should a 3D visualizer be able to do?

    • use the above programs at an advanced level and be able to work with them;
    • work with light, shadows, colors;
    • distinguish between surfaces and materials, texture;
    • be able to see and create visuals of things or people more attractive (brand visualizer, visual for Instagram);
    • have a responsibility, sociability, ability to work with the team;
    • have fluent English;
    • draw up a content plan for social networks.

    What do we expect from you?

    Now, we are looking for people with or without work experience to fill a visualizer vacancy. We suggest you start working with our team. RemotEmployees gives you the opportunity to learn how to work as a visualizer remotely and to be able to work in European and American markets.
    Your CV as a visualizer will be a recorded video in English about your visualization skills and a presentation of your work (if you have any).

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