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RemotEmployees company requires a remote Journalist with a good command of English (В1 +) to work on international projects.

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    Who is a Journalist?

    A journalist is a person who creates and generates news. Journalists form the information field in which we live:
    • listening to morning radio shows;
    • reading articles and watching videos on a smartphone during the day;
    •  watching news programs on TV in the evening.
    The work of a journalist provides us with information outside our social circle (the weather forecast for tomorrow, is it worth buying a new gadget, what is happening in different parts of our planet). Thus, a great silence and general ignorance would have come into the world without the work of a journalist.

    Remote Journalist job

    Journalist work is available not only from the office but also remotely from home. The main thing is to have a laptop and access the internet.

    Journalist responsibilities

    The journalist must be ready for dynamic work, multitasking, possess a huge amount of information, and be in constant communication with people.
    The work of a journalist includes responsibilities for:

    • data group;
    • organizing of information;
    • reproduction of information.
    In other words, the journalist finds an interesting topic, explores it as deeply as possible, and prepares material for publication.

    Journalist job

    If you have no experience in journalism, but you:

    • can communicate with people easily;
    • like to write articles;
    • know how to allocate tasks;
    • make decisions quickly and correctly;
    • have a good command of English.
    Just record a video resume in English and send it to us. 

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