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Work on the execution of external and internal optimization of the site
RemotEmployees is looking for an SEO expert with knowledge of the English language (B2+ at least) to work on internal and external website optimization. Got the hang of optimization and website promotion? Our company, RemotEmployees, presents an opportunity to develop in Marketing and IT in the capacity of an SEO specialist.

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    About the company

    The RemotEmployees company is focused on recruiting personnel in Marketing and IT technologies. An SEO-specialist job is waiting for you! Since our company cooperates with European and American market knowledge of the English language (B2+ at least) is of great importance to us.

    What is SEO?

    SEO is aimed at increasing page speed, website traffic, and improving website indexing. It includes keyword selection for Title and Description, drawing up a semantic core, and competitor analysis. SEO optimization is intended to improve a website’s ranking according to users’ requests, and internal and external optimization tasks.

    Responsibilities for SEO specialist

    You are required to carry out constant competitor analysis and improve the ranking of a website in search results. By working in marketing, advertising, and PR, you will have the opportunity to improve your software development and promotion skills.

    The advantages of working in SEO

    Advanced companies of different backgrounds are looking for SEO specialists for intensive development. RemotEmployees is specialized in recruiting personnel and gives an opportunity to gain invaluable experience by cooperating with foreign customers. Therefore, you will be able to develop your key SEO skills and critical thinking.

    Required skills for SEO expert

    Interest, commitment, result-oriented mindset, and desire to be trained are the qualities of our perfect candidate. RemotEmployees is looking for a dedicated SEO specialist with fluent English (B2+).

    The ability to work with the following SEO optimization tools will be an additional advantage:

    • Ahrefs;
    • Brightlocal;
    • Google planner;
    • SpyFu.

    Below, you will get acquainted with the list of SEO specialist responsibilities:

    • Drawing up a semantic core;
    • Website structure creation;
    • Competitor analysis;
    • Building and following the website promotion strategy;
    • The website analysis in accordance with the keyword relevance;
    • Link Building.
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