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IT company RemotEmployees has a current job vacancy for the position of iOS Developer with fluent English (at least B1+ level) and a basic knowledge of iOS Development for remote cooperation with international projects.

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    What is an iOS developer?

    An iOS developer is one of the most in-demand professions in the mobile development industry, engaged not only in logic programming but also in the creation of app interfaces.The responsibilities of the iOS designer lie in dealing with databases and networks since the information must be stored and transmitted somewhere. An iOS Developer can also be involved in app testing, tracking errors and adjusting them. Support, fine-tuning, app development, new functionality design, and bug fixing are also part of the duties.

    What iOS programmer does?

    iOS Programmersdeal with app building for Apple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, smart Apple Watch etc..

    Nowadays, an IT degree is not necessary to work as an iOS Developer. The most effective and successful option is to enter the field of app building for IOS- it envisages completing IOS development courses and start working at an IT company for the iOS Developer position remotely.

    Required skills for iOS Developer:

    • Experience with iOS app development (preferable);
    • Knowledge of Swift. An additional advantage is knowledge of Objective-c, since many apps are developed in this programming language and keep on going;
    • Ability to develop apps in the Xcode field. Xcode - is an integrated development environment created by Apple in order to build apps, develop software, UX design, etc. Stable releases are spread free of charge;
    • Ability to use iOS SDK (software development kit).
    • Knowledge of MVC conception;
    • knowledge of JSON layout for data exchange;
    • Ability to use a control version system (for example, Git)
    • Knowledge of app lifecycle;
    • Knowledge of principles and rules of adaptive interface creation;
    • Knowledge of OOP principles (Object-oriented programming);
    • Knowledge of HTTP, XML protocol;
    • Knowledge of SQL;
    • Ability and desire to come up with alternative solutions for business-tasks; process improvement;
    • Keep up with latest technologies, pursuit to grow and code upgrade;
    • Responsibility, attention to details, quick-thinking

    The job of iOS developer is waiting for you

    We expect you to have experience as an iOS Developer. Having completed the professional iOS development courses, one could gain the necessary knowledge, useful materials, and programming skills. However, one can face an upcoming problem- search for a new workplace as a Junior iOS Developer.

    We offer you the chance to record a job application video in English. Tell us about yourself, your knowledge and skills. It will be a so-called interview for the position of iOS Developer at our company. Send your application without a second of hesitation - we consider candidates even without work experience. Become a part of our close-knit team!

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